Full-day workshops 8hrs

Co-creating knowledge: Improving designers’ facilitation skills by playing and practicing with techniques informed by the philosophy and science of learning

Adam Chasen, Michelle Trame

Designing and facilitating design thinking workshops is a primary job for design strategists. At their core, workshops are learning experiences — a collective of participants comes together to socially construct knowledge, led by designers serving as educators. Yet, many designers do not see themselves as educators, nor do design education programs equip them with a philosophy of learning and techniques that improve collaboration, belonging, and mindsets. Design training focuses on end user behavior change, and less on the management of stakeholders that need to align on problems and solutions. Seeking inspiration from the field of education, strategists can plan workshops that keep all participants engaged, collaborative, and focused.


In this workshop, participants will learn how to expand their facilitation skills through experience, reflection, and application of curriculum design practices used to achieve excellence in learning outcomes. We will co-design our own emergent learning community by starting with a deep dive into the philosophy and science of learning, specifically through the lenses of critical and inclusive education. This will establish a theoretical baseline from which we will dig into how to address gaps in our individual facilitation skills. We will collaborate on processes to increase alignment at our own workplaces and influence business and technical decisions with user goals. As a collective, we will reflect on ourselves to gain more profound insight and grow as facilitators.


Participants will:

  • Immerse themselves in experiential educational best practices for fostering emergent learning communities
  • Apply curriculum design principles to workshop planning
  • Practice facilitation skills and develop a prototype and testing plan

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