1 Mar
Event time in Zürich, Switzerland (CET)
Wed, 1 Mar 2023
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Technology and Ethics: A new Design Paradigm

The word design is still the same. The act of design has been disrupted.

Designers are no longer working only in design studios. Private sector companies, mid-large sized consultancies, start-ups and governments have now in-house design teams.

Design is becoming a multi-faceted practice and the designer of today is dealing with the orchestration of interconnected systems, the ideation of new strategic innovation frames and the design of new organizational ecosystems. We are becoming the managers of complexity in processes and silos, the ambassadors of the collaboration mantra.

Also, designers are acquiring a new language called data. The 4th industrial revolution is here, and it became the first driver of disruptive experiences, new human behaviors and expectations. The interactions evolved, and the primary enablers are the digital platforms and the machine (AI&ML).

Technology has become an essential bridge of interactions, but also brings harm in many ways. Designers must become activists of intrinsic ethical values.

How can designers support the design and development of new experiences driven by mainstream technologies? How can designers defend and curate technological processes and outcomes to guarantee fairness for humanity and the planet?

Ethics as a system of moral principles should allow less harm in today's context. How can designers bring more justice to the design field? How can designers understand the vast world of Ethics?

This session intends to demonstrate the transformation of the designer's role, but also its relevance for the future. Also, I will share critical concepts on Ethics, Technoethics, and Justice; and finally, new ways of collaboration to achieve effective and successful results.

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