2 Mar
Event time in Zürich, Switzerland (CET)
Wed, 1 Mar 2023
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True Natural Interaction

Within the study of environmental ethics, the worldview of human exceptionalism is considered as the root cause of ecological crises (Callicott 1984, Keller 2010). Likewise, I could argue whether human-centeredness is still the appropriate direction for design. By putting the user at the centre, designers may deliver what people and companies want but often fail to consider the larger socio-environmental impact of their products (Schweikardt 2009, Thomas 2017). To ensure an inclusive approach, many non-anthropocentric movements, which also addresses ecosystems, animals and objects have appeared in fields of fine art, design, and HCI (de la Bellacasa, 2017).

Although these directions inspire an inclusive approach, they do not necessarily incorporate elements of nature in design. Design and technology  can move away from the dualistic perspective, when nature is approached in a participatory and holistic way informed by science, ethics, and the transdisciplinary integration of multiple perspectives. Interaction design could include integral solutions which are part of a complex dynamic system that contains culture and nature. To allow for this inclusivity, interaction design not only needs to encompass a non-anthropocentric approach but also needs to move away from the modernist views of prediction, manipulation, and control.

We are naturally equipped to function in an environment which is far from perfect. However, because most interactive artifacts are designed for perfection, they evoke a feeling of inferiority which leads to insecurity. If we truly regard technology as a facilitator, we should create interactive artifacts that support aspects of human behavior which does not pursue perfection.

In my session, I will take you on a thought-provoking journey to discuss the future of product interaction, using examples from my portfolio of interactive wearable devices.

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