Julian Krauss

UX Designer, Speculative Designer

With backgrounds in the arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering and business, Julian has spent the last few years working in design agencies between Copenhagen and Munich.

A critic of typical progress slogans, Julian also teaches Design Futures courses at the Department of Innovation at the Technical University of Munich and works as a freelancer where he is dedicated to the practice of exploring, imagining and provoking debates about different, maybe better, pluralistic and hopeful futures using multimodal and art-based methods.

His experience in social psychological analysis, conceptual exploration, organising, and innovation development has led him to develop new design methodologies and work with clients around the world on various types of transformation projects.

More recently, his passions for fieldwork in the wild, anthropology, human-animal interaction, music making, and the camera have inspired him to explore what lies "beyond the human" and what this might mean for a theory and practice of ecocentric design.

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